The Garden of England EP

by The Autumn Ravine

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This is our debut EP 'The Garden of England'

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jason Wilson at Stakeout Studios.


released April 24, 2014



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The Autumn Ravine UK

A 4-piece alternative rock band from East Sussex/Kent.

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Track Name: The Garden of England
Well I’ve been sinking with these bricks tied to my ankles. Well I’ve been sleeping with no sunlight for hours. Well I’ve been lost in my own head, lost in this silhouette, and I’m weighed down. Well I just don’t know, I just don’t know if I can let go or if I’m myself anymore. Could somebody tell me where it all went wrong? I haven’t felt the same way here since you’ve been gone. And I tried so many times to get you to change my life, but now I’m twenty months gone. I need a one-way ticket out of here, to forget all that I learnt. My paranoia’s one thing, but this weight will break my back. I know I’m not the only one, Kris can feel it too. His only ambition to get away from this hellhole we once knew. And I just don’t know, and I just don’t know if I can let go, or if I’m myself anymore. I just don’t know.
Track Name: The River
Let’s go to the river to wash away our sins and drop the weight of the world. Let’s go to the river to smoke and drink our days away, like the golden age. Like when I knew you. When I, I could see through you. It’s like that river broke in two, and I can’t see the other side of you anymore. I’ll telegraph you a letter, and if the message is received, deep in the highlands you’ll find me. Do you even remember? It feels I’m in this on my own, the currents gone cold. Your words they mean nothing, your actions they speak more. Deceitful and cunning, you haunt me like a ghost. But I can’t let go, it’s like I just walk back for more. My feet are too weak for running, you know that age can change a lot. And like a black sky changed from blue, I can’t see the other side of you, and even if I do, would I meet the same person that I met on the cold December night, who gave me hope about my life?
Track Name: Cabin Talk
There is no hope, no saviour for us, just open minds, waking on an endless road. Open your eyes, and see what we have. We won a lottery, so stand by me and watch the city crumble, watch them fall to their knees. They’ll never understand what it’s like to be free, for you once told me time hunts for us all, and catches us all in the end. My view of the world, it changed that day. It’s something that came with grace and age. I’ll travel this distance, go every mile. We’re like ghosts in this town, we’re just sailors, sailing to sea, on a course to nowhere.
Track Name: Drowning
Maybe someday I will learn how to live again, ‘cause I’ve been drowning in too many of my own thoughts. I’m low on oxygen, and I was hoping it would pass but the weather chose that it would last. Maybe I’m just helpless. So, I wrapped up all those photographs, my mind and heart chose different paths. One chose to blame, the other remained the same, when you threw me over this cliff, and I won’t be able to get up from this. And I waited for so long for you to call, but the longer I waited I realised you had gone onto better things without me. All I wanted was to let go, ‘cause I can’t watch you destroy yourself anymore. And it rained and it poured, I’ve been drowned by this ocean before. Now here I will stay until I find my way. I tried to say the money meant nothing to me, you tried to see how far you really could push me. Well you pushed me over this cliff, and I won’t be able to get up from this.
Track Name: Destitute
Two years have passed, I still see your pain. You made the hardest decision to let go and take life away. You were branded a cheat, branded a liar. I watched you rise, then I watched you fall to your demise. It’s like my pasts come back to haunt me, karma’s come for me too. It’s ironic how we see these ghosts, we’ve become one too. I know my promises are empty, my pockets and hopes are too. But I’m walking down a different path, a path you can’t choose. But if I had it all, I’d give it all to you, before you find out I’m not that young boy that you once knew. But if I had it all, I’d give it all to you, before you find out I’m just a weak man with nothing left to lose.